Chinese Acupressure

1 Hour Appointment - £70


Chinese Acupressure (Dry Needling) involves inserting fine needles for therapeutic effect.  Overall, it is an adaptation of the Chinese method just using up-to-date knowledge of anatomy & physiology.  Dry Needling no longer conforms to the notion of Yin & Yang and circulation of qi.  However, we do aim to create homeostasis within the body.


Acupressure (Dry Needling) stimulates the nerves in the skin and muscle, and can produce a variety of effects.  It is known that it increases the body release of natural painkillers (endorphin and serotonin) in the pain pathways of both the spinal cord and the brain.  This modifies the way pain signals are received.  But Dry Needling does much more than reduce pain.  It also has a beneficial effect on health - patients often notice an improved sense of wellbeing after treatment.

Modern research shows that dry needling can affect most of the body's systems - the nervous system, muscle tone, hormone outputs, circulation, antibody production and allergic responses, as well as the respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems.  

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